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    Tips for upcoming world cup 2022!!!!

    Save money for more bullet for world cup this year! My Tip Advice: Early stages can give ball when elimination round. Late stages should eat ball more often for advantage, long term might win! Goodluck bros and huats! Stay safe and lucky!
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    Any Thai betting web to recommend? (English Version)

    Any recommendation of thai soccer or casino agent websites in thb? Quite reluctant to play with traditional thai-managed websites as cant understand typing thai, prefer english. So far tried bk8 and me88 last time in thb.
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    Stress up with the fked up life in sg. All bros win some money faster cashout and travel overseas to enjoy first before coming back to battlefield to hunt for more money!
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    Many of my female OL colleagues, some in their mid to late 30s aldy, like no life-skills, cannot drive(too lazy or scared to take driving licence), cannot cook,dunno how to swim or even ride bicycle. All they have is a 9-6 jobs and weekends watch Netflix and go cafe-hopping. Yet they are being...
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    Wbet unable to parlay some big matches??

    Any bro meet this problem of some big major league matches unavailable to parlay in wbet? I spoke to agent and they also feedback say wbet did not offer the market in parlay. Why sia...i bet big match sia. Is there anything wrong in parlay market? cause my other friends also say some other web...
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    WBET Best platform for eSports!

    Only wbet have live esports matches running and able bet jalan etc. Other webs like m8 etc not much options and only can bet pre match. Got chance will try the IA Esports platform by some of the sponsors here. But for now wbet still the best for everything; esports,badminton,table...
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    Nighttime massage activity

    Tried Emperor Spa along eu tong sen street, got a big building like malaysia feel. Quite classy and comfortable and also got juagen service. Highly recommend all bros to try at least once. Cheers.
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    Selling credits for all webs! High %%%

    High position taking % for all web plate available! Sportsbook/casino/slots etc. SGD/MYR/THB/RMB HAVE! Have all webs! For more info can PM me. Thanks
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    888forums down???

    Cannot access 888forums. Any bros here same situation or just me.
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    PM JOB

    欠一身高利贷,跑路,无家可归,被社会排斥,100块钱以上活动没办法参加,心爱的女人跟有钱人跑了,一无所有,有斗志,想翻身想赚钱还账, 如果你符合以下条件来私聊,我们就是朋友。 招募全职金融偏门业务员 年龄:不超过30岁 条件:会基本电脑操作,中文打字顺畅,中文沟通能力强 底薪:3500马币+ OT 佣金:马币1万-8万(一年发放5-6次) 工作时间:星期一至五,早上8.30-晚上10.30(有休息时间两小时半);周末看情况和工作进度,有时会做半天 工作地点:吉隆坡 Cheras 有包住 , 要招肯吃苦肯学习,真正想挣钱的人。 这里做几十万不会是问题。 有兴趣的可以联系 PM
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