BEWARE OF telegrams or non-verified agents out there!!!!!!!!!


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Beware of those agents spamming messages or groups in telegrams/facebook offering betting services!!! Mostly are small-times and just looking for TAN JIAK during this covid pandemic!! They either lure you with super attractive bonuses to get you deposit with them. Then if you lose they happily take your money and when you WIN they start to audit you and find faults with you! Tell you show IC, video call see your face all the nonsense! Fucking scammers super tricky!

As personal privacy is of importance to me, i decided to not appeal to those scammers and let them forfeit the winning, fucker give them buy coffin! Few k also want scam fking retarded.

These people are no different from scammers syndicate! And also when you deal with these smelly agents, their accounts also fucking dirty af cfm kena report by other scammed players, then even if receive their winnings also funds not safe which might get u in trouble.

Turnover low, bonus high no use. Most important is win can get money and not into trouble. We are all in this for the fun and winnings! Based on my experience, i suggest only play with credible big-time agents, which alot of them are in this forum. Website platform good, bonus nubbad, support also strong!

Dont need to desperate until go try other small-time scammers out there.
My bad experience with shady online casino websites are related to bonuses that they promotes. In order to get benefited from those bonuses, I played for a few rounds in the website, turn out it says that you must gamble a specified amount to receive that bonus. I was quite speechless when I am revealed to this condition. I started to look into online casino that are trusted and legitamate that really offers the real deal. After doing my own investigation, I found out 96ACE. This online casino website provides bonuses that are attractive and I tried to play a few rounds in the website, I get to receive new player bonus which is up to 150% and this can proof that 96ACE are reliable and would not give off scammy "bonuses" .
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