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    Asianbookie live chat tips zhun?

    Any bros here know about asianbookie live chat? Saw alot of punters discussing mostly jalan tips and looks promising. Personally havent tried follow yet, maybe will try next week. For now i see like quite zhun lol..

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    Re: Asianbookie live chat tips zhun?

    Long time ago got follow small bets and win little bit, too many to follow already, every moment also betting a bit crazy for me.

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    Re: Asianbookie live chat tips zhun?

    I don't know why, but this bookie lives are closing very fast or maybe they are banned. It may happen because of many scammers. I've bet once on a strange website but with perfect coefficients and I should have thought it was strange but I decided to risk and to bet 100$. Of course, immediately after that, my account was banned and the money disappeared. Now I'm playing on Centsports and I can say that now I'm sure that I'm secured and my money won't disappear for sure. And a big advantage is that I'm winning good money with them.
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