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    WBet is nonsense!!!! Anyhow void

    I only bet on major leagues on WBet platform and sometimes my tickets get voided due to the reason "Due to wrong market offered"???? Wtf how can just void me like this. Furthermore i question the agent if my betting was abnormal since its so frequent i got this void message. My agent even told me i was betting normally and not a ghost ticket, then why the reason am i receiving this void nonsense. But then the agent cant do anything bout it too cause its "company decision"..... whuuuuuuut. Wbet really screw up man, all bros do beware. Yesterday void was on udinese vs juventus somemore zzzz

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    Re: WBet is nonsense!!!! Anyhow void

    You betting on tip? Maybe you betting on "better prices", means odds drop right after you bet. And WBet deems it abnormal but didnt really say out cause its major league??? Sorry just my guess.

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