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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    RY36 run away with money and refuse payout

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    Re: Agent & Players Hiong List

    Beware of EB88SG, World number 1 bullshit company.
    This is the first i heard an bullshit like this from a company after winning them 900+ they said i have duplicated ip and they send me the ip i check with my ip it is completely different ip address and they said my ip have problem after i screenshot and send them my ip address so they say i can log in again and they check my ip so i log in again they give me a new ip address again and i said their system have no issue ,itís my ip having problem lol this type of excuse also have and whatís worst they said my ip is not found in their record when i screenshot and send them my ip address with proof that the ip they sent me was completely different from my own ip address

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    Re: Agent & Players Hiong List

    Hi all, please see this important message. SolarbetSG is a fucking mother die scam casino website.

    I deposited 5000 and got their promotion for another 5000. End up I won 20k and they hold my withdrawal for 4 days and finally they mention my account is closed due to fraud. This is absolutely rubbish as I am only using Wi-Fi to play at home.

    I also noticed that someone one Reddit also encountered the same issue. Please let me know which forum I can go and spread this message to prevent people getting cheated by this fucking company. Please avoid this company at all cost.

    1st Proof of winning of 20k

    2. Withdrawal status pending since 13 Nov

    3. Delay tactics by Customer Service for my withdrawal


    4. Finally accuse me for fraud and closed my account


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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    Beware of sponser gd666sg been with them for almost 1 year +, recently won quite a bit wana withdraw they lock my account and just say investigating. After 3 weeks now still no response.

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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    96M SCAMMER Casino agent contact me to deposit 200 tried to cash 600+ told me i violate their terms and agreement. Pls avoid this casino at all cost.

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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    96M scam casino but listed here agent ask me deposit 200dollars and i cash out 600+ but got scammed telling me I violate TNC. Small money also want to scam.

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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    Baware this website gwin9 run my deposit money $186 no put credit and run

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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    Beware Gwin9 scam my deposit $186 no credit in run road.

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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    96m not good? i just joined

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    Re: Blacklisted Agents & Players

    Hey there, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hi! I came across this thread about blacklisted agents and players, and I think it's great that people are sharing information to help each other out.

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