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    Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/10/2020 02:00 Saturday(GMT+8)
    International Friendly -- Morocco VS Senegal

    Due to the Covid-19, the two teams have not played for a long time. The last game of Morocco was in November last year, which has been nearly a year since now. There are many unknown factors both in lineup and effectiveness. However, as one of the strong teams in Africa, the overall strength of Morocco should not to be underestimated. They have only lost once last year and recently won three in the past four games. The overall performance is still very stable.

    Senegal is the highest ranked team in Africa, who is naturally stronger. In the past 10 games, they have maintained a win rate of 70% and an unbeaten rate of nearly 90%. The only disadvantage is that their last game also dates back to November of last year, which is almost a year away from now. Besides, there will be many unknown hidden in this away game.

    Data Analysis
    As for strength, Senegal is undoubtedly a little bit better. Plus, they have have more outstanding stats. I believe they have a great chance to get points even at away. What's more, the handicap first odds was opened 0, showing no support for Morocco. I would expect a draw game or Senegal’s victory this time.

    Pick: Senegal
    Goal Prediction: 2, 3
    Score Prediction: 1-1, 1-2

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/14/2020 05:00 Wednesday(GMT+8)
    FIFA World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL) -- Ecuador VS Uruguay

    Ecuador is currently ranking 63rd in the world. Among the South American teams, they are not strong enough. Ecuador failed to promote in the qualifiers last year, and their lineup was not stable. In recent years, there has been no outstanding young players in the team, which has caused many problems in the replacement of the new and old. Ecuador’s recent performance is not satisfying that they have lost to Argentina and Colombia with no goal scored in the last two games. It can be seen that Ecuador's power has weakened.

    Uruguay now is the top five in the world. Even if they face strong teams like Brazil and Argentina, they can still play very well. They finished second in last year’s World Cup qualification. I would expect them to overhaul Brazil. In the first performance a few days ago, Uruguay made a successful start with a 2-1 victory over Chile. With the outstanding players such as Suarez, Gomez, Uruguay is still worth looking forward to.

    Data Analysis
    For now, Uruguay has certain advantages over Ecuador. They have won the last two clashes, and the last one was a 4-0 victory. Uruguay now has a great psychological advantage. The handicap first odds was Ecuador -0.25. besides, draw and away win return of 1x2 odds have declined to varying degrees. I think it is not difficult for Uruguay to get points this time.

    Pick: Uruguay +0.25
    Prediction: Uruguay wins
    Goal Prediction: 1, 3
    Score Prediction: 0-1, 1-2

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/14/2020 04:00 Wednesday(GMT+8)
    FIFA World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL) -- Bolivia VS Argentina

    Bolivia will play Argentina on October 14. Bolivia ranks only 72nd in the world and is one of the weak teams in South America, who finished second from the bottom in last year’s qualifier. Plus, they almost lost all the games recently. In the first round, Bolivia got a terrible 0-5 loss to Brazil, showing limited strength. Their defense alone is fragile enough.

    In the first round of FIFA World Cup qualification, Argentina narrowly defeated Ecuador with a penalty kick from Messi. Although Dybala and Aguero are absent from the games, Argentina’s lineup was still quite strong. Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Correa's offense is still very powerful. As long as Messi can have a stable performance, Argentina has a great opportunity to win.

    Data Analysis
    In general, there is a large strength gap between the two teams. Bolivia has been in a long-term downturn. Argentina only lost to Brazil in the last ten games and successfully won points facing other opponents. It’s the best chance for them to gain a winning streak. The handicap first odds was Argentina -0.5 with proper return. It is very likely that Argentina will win again.

    Pick: Argentina -0.5
    Prediction: Argentina wins
    Goal Prediction: 1, 2
    Score Prediction: 0-1, 0-2

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time:10/15/2020 02:45 Thursday(GMT+8)
    UEFA Nations League -- Croatia VS France

    Match Analysis
    Croatia beat Sweden by 2-1 in the last home game of UEFA Nations League, ending the losing streak. So far, they got 1 win and 2 losses, ranking 3rd in their group. They also beat Switzerland in the International Friendly. The team got 2-game winning streak recently, so their morale is high. Last round the team midfield core player Modric is back, offensive organization and efficiency has further improved.

    France drew 0-0 with the strong team Portugal at home in the last game. It was a game in which both sides focused primarily on limiting their opponents' offense, so there were few scoring chances on either side, and even the numbers for possession, shots on goal, and passes were similar. Now the team got 2 wins and 1 draw in 3 games, they have the same seven points as Portugal, but are second on goal difference. Their defense is not bad, losing only 2 goals so far, the second fewest in the group.

    Odds Analysis
    In the last 4 times they met, Croatia got no win with 2 losses. In the last game they met, Croatia lost to France by 2-4 at away, being the lower hand. The handicap first odd was France-0.25. Now the return is in middle, which is good for away team. The 1x2 odd was 3.40-3.32-2.15 in average return. In this game, it is suggested to bet on away team.

    Croatia VS France
    Handicap Picks: France-0.25
    1X2 Picks: France

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/15/2020 02:45 Thursday(GMT+8)
    UEFA Nations League -- Iceland VS Belgium

    Iceland lost all four group games of UEFA Nations League last year, whose capacity was terrible. This year, they also got a three-game losing streak, showing no sign of a dark horse. During the period, Belgium defeated Iceland 5-1 and the team’s morale was not high. In the last home game against Denmark, they finally lost 0-3. One of the goals was an own goal by the team's midfielder Sigurjonsson.

    On the other hand, Belgium got 2 wins and 1 loss after 3 rounds of UEFA Europa League, temporarily ranking second in the group with 6 points, who is 1 point behind England. Even though striker Lukaku successfully scored a penalty kick, they still lost 1-2 to England in the last round. Belgium has recently not won two games and odds. It seems that their strength has declined.

    Data Analysis
    Iceland has lost all of the four clashes, who was at an absolute disadvantage. The handicap first odds was Belgium -1.25 and rose to -1.5 with average return, showing increasing confidence in the away team. The 1X2 odds is 9.00-5.07-1.32. I personally believe that Belgium will definitely break the ice.

    Prediction: Belgium wins
    Goal Prediction: 2, 3

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time:10/16/2020 02:45 Friday(GMT+8)
    Germany Cup -- Duren VS Bayern Munchen

    Match Preview
    This is the first game of Germany Cup 2020-2021, Duren play Bayern Munchen at home field. There is a big distance between two teams. Duren is a strong team in German Regional League, they got 3-game winning streak recently and their morale is very high. They conceded no goal in 2 of 3 winning games, scoring 7 goals totally. But they are much weaker than Bayern Munchen, so we think they are hard to win this game.

    In this season, Bayern Munchen got 2 wins and 1 loss in 3 games, ranking 4th in the league with 6 points. They have strong defense, scoring 13 goals totally. They have strongest offense in the league, averaging 4.33 goals per game. The team signed a number of strong supporters on the last day of the transfer window this summer to strengthen the team. This game against such a low level team, there is no doubt that they will win the game easily.

    Odds Analysis
    The average 1x2 odds in this game are 53.13-22.87-1.01. According to the data, Bayern Muchen is much stronger than Duren. Duren have good performances recently, but they just a small team in German Regional League. Therefore, we think Bayern Munchen will win the game.

    Duren VS Bayern Munchen
    Handicap Picks: Bayern Munchen-3
    1X2 Picks: Bayern Munchen wins

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/21/2020 03:00 Wednesday(GMT+8)
    UEFA Champions League -- Paris Saint Germain (PSG) VS Manchester United

    Paris Saint Germain (PSG)
    After 7 rounds of Ligue 1, PSG got 5 wins and 2 losses. Now they are ranking the 2nd place with 15 points.

    Manchester United
    After 4 rounds of English Premier League, Manchester United got 2 wins and 2 losses. Now they are ranking the 14th place with 6 points.

    H2H Stats
    In the last 3 h2h games, PSG got 2 wins and 1 loss against Manchester United.

    1X2 Analysis
    PSG's recent state has gradually improved an have achieved five-game winning streak in Ligue 1. They scored as many as ten goals in the last two games. This time, facing Manchester United, PSG are worth looking forward to.

    Handicap Analysis
    The two teams have played against each other 3 times in history. Paris Saint Germain have the upper hand with two wins and one draw. The handicap first odds was PSG -0.75 and rose to -1 in the later period. Although Manchester United are quite strong on both offense and defense, their recent state is disappointing with all the problems of defense lately. Plus, their low efficiency on the offense lack of deterrence. Combined with the 1X2 odds of 1.60-4.28-5.19, I might continue to pursue PSG.

    1X2 Tips: PSG wins
    HDP Tips: PSG -1

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/22/2020 00:55 Thursday(GMT+8)
    UEFA Champions League -- Real Madrid VS FC Shakhtar Donetsk

    Real Madrid
    After 5 rounds of La Liga, Real Madrid got 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Now they are ranking the 3rd place with 10 points.

    FC Shakhtar Donetsk
    After 6 rounds of Ukrainian Premier League, Shakhtar Donetsk got 3 wins and 3 draws. Now they are ranking the 3rd place with 12 points.

    H2H Stats
    In the last 10 head-to-head games, Real Madrid got 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses against Shakhtar Donetsk, and gets the upper hand.

    1X2 Analysis
    As one of the top teams of La Liga, Real Madrid are obviously stronger than Shakhtar Donetsk. Plus they got 6 wins in their 10 clashes, so Real Madrid are worth looking at.

    Handicap Analysis
    In a recent UEFA Nations League match, Ukraine defeated Spain 1-0 and created a miracle. As a strong team of Ukraine, Shakhtar Donetsk are also eager to replicate the miracle and defeat Real Madrid. The handicap first odds was Real Madrid -1.25 with low return and turned to -1.75 with high return. Go for Real Madrid in this game.

    1X2 Tips: Real Madrid wins
    HDP Tips: Real Madrid -1.75

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/24/2020 02:30 Saturday(GMT+8)
    German Bundesliga -- VfB Stuttgart VS FC Koln

    VfB Stuttgart Stats:
    After 4 rounds of German Bundesliga, VfB Stuttgart got 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, now they are ranking the 5th place with 7 points.

    FC Koln Stats:
    After 4 rounds of German Bundesliga, FC Koln got 1 draw and 3 losses, now they are rakning the 16th place with 1 points.

    H2H Stats:
    In the last 10 h2h games, VfB Stuttgart got 4 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss against FC Koln, they are on the upper hand.

    1X2 Analysis:
    FC Koln got 1 draw and 3 losses in the past 4 league games and during this period, they have conceded eight goals, their defensive performance was poor. FC Koln has fallen behind at the end of halftime in 3 of the 4 games so far this season, and the halftime bid is worthy of attention.

    Handicap Analysis:
    VfB Stuttgart is much higher than FC Koln at the level of paper strength, and they also have a greater advantage in historical clash performance. The handicap odds were opened to VfB Stuttgart -0.25, and the home win return was in a downward trend, so I would like to pick VfB Stuttgart.

    1X2 Tips: VfB Stuttgart win
    HDP Tips: VfB Stuttgart -0.25

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    Re: Betting Discussion

    Match Time: 10/24/2020 22:00 Saturday(GMT+8)
    Spanish La Liga -- FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid

    FC Barcelona
    After 4 rounds of La Liga, Barcelona got 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Now they are ranking the 9th place with 7 points.

    Real Madrid
    After 5 rounds of La Liga, Real Madrid got 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Now they are ranking the 3rd place with 10 points.

    H2H Stats
    In the last 10 head-to-head games, Barcelona got 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses.

    1X2 Analysis
    Barcelona have remained unbeaten at home in La Liga this season and Real Madrid are also undefeated in away game. Besides, both teams have won and lost 1 game in the past 3 clashes and played more cautiously with only 3 goals scored in the three games. It is not surprising that the derby will end in draw again. It is worth mentioning that both Ansu Fati and Vinicius Junior have nice performance this season that they have scored consecutive goals in the previously.

    Handicap Analysis
    Barcelona got 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in the last 10 clashes, among which, 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss were at home. Both sides did not have huge advantage. The handicap first odds was Barcelona -0.25. We must know that a big win in the previous Champions League game gave the team a great incentive, so the odds is reasonable. On the other hand, Real Madrid got losing streak, who are not in good form. The 1X2 odds is 2.08-3.62-3.35 and the home win rate has been continuously declining, showing confidence in Barcelona. Let’s expect Barcelona to get a small victory in this derby.

    1X2 Tips: Draw
    HDP Tips: Barcelona -0.25

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