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    WBET Best platform for eSports!

    Only wbet have live esports matches running and able bet jalan etc. Other webs like m8 etc not much options and only can bet pre match. Got chance will try the IA Esports platform by some of the sponsors here. But for now wbet still the best for everything; esports,badminton,table tennis,nba,virtual etc!

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    Re: WBET Best platform for eSports!

    I'm not sure what the best eSports platform is WBET. I have used many different bookmakers and each had its drawbacks. Because of this, many bookmakers are not suitable even for beginners. I'm not talking about people who are accustomed to the convenience of betting and withdrawing money. Based on my experience, I have long ago decided which bookmaker to use. My choice was at https://www.u12x.com/แทงบอล/. There is also a large number of games, from football to eSports. I enjoy betting on football and eSports. Try to make a couple of bets on esports and you will see how enticing it is.
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