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    Beginner's guide to cash market websites (Manual for Noobs)

    1) Registering
    First may register any agents you interested and usually KYC verification is needed to prevent fraud. After verification, may proceed for deposit and select type of bonus from the varieties.

    2) Bonus
    -Welcome Bonus(Sports/casino/slots/etc) ;
    This kind of bonus are only claimable 1x only as it states welcome. Usually it comes with high attractive figures but comes with turnover requirement which means you have to fulfil the "mileage" before being able to withdraw your capital and winnings. If you fail to survive and lose then too bad, money gone, may try for reload or other bonuses next. Turnover is the killer to which agents hope you lose your base else they have to withdraw you extra bonuses on top of your winnings.

    -Reload Bonus;
    This is similar to welcome, except its less attractive but still good passive rebates for active and higher rollers punters. Usually its 5%-20% depends on the agent. Bonus and turnover required for reload bonus is lower compared to welcome bonus (makes sense). You will get the reload bonus first after topup and have to clear turnover before being able to withdraw. Higher amount you bet, the quicker you clear your turnover, but also quicker to die if keep losing. (vice versa for winning streak) FAVORITE PART of the reload is after clearing your turnover, can actually RETOP-UP again and claim new reload bonus, so your mileage will not be wasted, able to claim more bonuses!

    -Lose rebate rescue bonus
    This kind of bonus are for punters that do not claim any bonus when topup, just normal topup. If the punter lose within the day or week, he will be given lose rebate back into account. Turnover requirement depends on agents.

    -Birthday bonus
    For cheapksates, personally do not claim this as it invades my privacy given the requirements of more verification.

    -Referral Bonus
    Refer friends and get bonus, blah blah blah lazy explain.

    Hope this general information helps our jalanforum bros here and have a good punting week ahead! Happy winning!

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    Re: Beginner's guide to cash market websites (Manual for Noobs)

    Stuff like this helps.

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    Re: Beginner's guide to cash market websites (Manual for Noobs)

    Your advice is pretty good, and it will surely help a beginner to start correctly gambling online. With your permission, I will add some of the things that I will add to your advice. First of all, it is important to play only on verified online casinos. It would help if you were sure that you are making a slot deposit in a casino where you can withdraw your money if you win. Also, it is important not to start with big bets. Better start with small bets, see how the casino really works, and then start playing how you want.

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